Frequently asked questions

1. How will I know whether I will be graduating in time for INCEIF 11th Convocation 2019?

Graduating students will receive a notification from INCEIF on their Graduation. If you have fulfilled the entire course requirements for the convocation but yet to receive any invitation letter from INCEIF, please email graduandaffairs@inceif.org.

2. What are the Convocation fees?

Graduands are required to pay RM400.00 convocation fee which will cover:
  • Rental of Convocation Regalia
  • Scroll Holder
  • Photography
  • Refreshments (graduands and two guests)
Payment can be made through the e-University (student) portal (Debit/credit card is accepted).

3. How many guests may I bring into the convocation hall?

Each graduand will be given two invitation cards for two guests only. Cards are to be collected during collection of convocation regalia. Guests are required to bring along the card when attending the ceremony as the card will enable usherers to show them their respective seats. Please note that children under age of 12 are not allowed to enter the Convocation Hall simply because it is a solemn ceremony and may be too long for a child to sit through.

4. Where can I purchase extra invitation cards?

Any requests for more than two invitation cards are allocated on a first-come first-served basis and based on availability. Please make the request via eUniversity portal. Invitation cards are priced at RM155.00 each. Payment can be made through the e-University (student) portal (Debit/credit card is accepted).

5. What time must I be at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur on the Convocation day?

Registration counter at Tulip Room Foyer, Level 1 opens at 7.45am-8.30am. Graduands who fail to be on time will not may be allowed to join the Graduands Procession and may be denied entry into the Convocation Hall.

6. What do I get during registration?

Upon registration at our registration counter, graduands will be given a specific sequence card that consists of the information on graduand line-up division and sequence. PLEASE BRING ALONG THE SEQUENCE CARD TO THE GRADUANDS PROCESSION AREA.

7. What are the parking charges at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur on the Convocation Day?

From 07:00 – 12:59 hours;

Flat rate : RM14.00 nett

After 13:00 hours until next day 06:59 hours;

Flat Rate : RM6.00 nett

All Day Flat Rate : RM20.00 nett

8. Is there a dress code for graduands?

Male graduands should wear a long sleeve shirt and dark coloured lounge suit with proper leather shoes. Female graduands should wear national costumes or dresses or pants suits with court shoes. For all graduands and guests, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, sandals, open-toe shoes and slippers are not allowed. When wearing skirts, the hemline should be below the knee.